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Or hundreds of thousands of someones.
However, we do intend to monitor abuse reports regarding those accounts more closely to make sure we havent made a mistake.
There is unfortunately perfume and body lotion gift sets no recourse for recovering the lost data.Can you recover my account from the Myspace migration several years ago?Putting lots of new items in the game, however, isnt necessarily a good strategy.With GrabPoints, you earn points by doing regular tasks like taking surveys, watching videos, and downloading apps stuff most of us do already.I play YoVille and my children/spouse cannot do certain things together because of our conflicting IP address.We have 100s of gift cards that you can redeem from, here is just a small sample!Does your team at BVG have the capabilities to provide new items and new features?A small portion of players have reported their items have gone missing.We know there are some bad apples causing trouble on the Community Group.There are a lot of reasons why we decided to do this.The ways in which games can gain new players, communicate with existing ones, and do interesting things with walls, feeds etc have all been severely restricted.We will evaluate this as time goes on, and the new items we create will have a variety of pricing, some free, some high, some low.It is extremely difficult to protect people from doing things like giving their things away for free for the promise of coin or item doubling for example, without extremely limiting all players ability to trade freely.This wont happen overnight, and well need your help to make it a reality.See our recent post for more info: m/?p52, will there still be a kids/adult server split?
Rest assured though, we know you guys loved it so well look into it and let you know.
We have no immediate plans to change the store line-up, but we may remove some of the unavailable items as we think its a pain to scroll through things you cant buy.

Letting new players in again is already in place.Playing on multiple accounts is against Facebooks terms of service, so we would not be adding any features like this.Money that could be better spent on making the game awesome.Facebook/giftcard and use the balance to buy YoCash/coins on our screen.Do you expect YoWorld to reach the popularity that YoVille did in 2009?As the Myspace migration predates this timeframe, unfortunately we wont be able to recover your old account.What is your vision for YoWorld in a year?User Generated Experiences doing things that let players make fun for each other, rather than us trying to do it directly.We dont have the ability to determine this prior to the migration, so unfortunately any items lost prior to May 13th would not be recoverable.You can use these points to redeem a variety of rewards, including Steam Wallet Claim Codes.Safe and secure from hackers and abusive players.
However, we do recognize the desire for some to be able to get shield themselves from younger players, and well be working on ways to do this.