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Your Unity application should already have the Google Mobile Ads Unity plugin imported.
In addition to the Game ID and the Placement ID you promo code lowes november 2014 will also need Unity Ads API Key for setting up your Ad Manager ad unit.Step 3: Import the Unity Ads SDK and adapter Android Studio integration (recommended) Add the following gradle dependencies with the latest versions of the Unity Ads SDK and adapter in your app-level adle file.; Ad event, description, onAdLoaded The OnAdLoaded event is invoked when an ad has finished loading.WardBasedVideo stance; questRewardBasedVideo private void RequestRewardBasedVideo #if unity_android string adUnitId "ca-app-pub / #elif unity_iphone string adUnitId "ca-app-pub / #else string adUnitId "unexpected_platform #endif / Create af1 racing discount code 2017 an empty ad request.We recommend creating a new placement for mediation with Ad Manager even if you have a placement already.If you already have a Yield Partner for Unity Ads, you can simply select.Step 5: Test your implementation Test ads can be enabled from the Unity Ads dashboard by going to your project's platform specific settings.WardBasedVideo stance; Load an ad, because RewardedBasedVideoAd is a singleton, requests to load an ad should be made using a shared instance.LoadAd(request, adUnitId Always test with test ads, the sample code above contains an ad unit ID and you're free to request ads with.If you don't apply this setting, the Unity adapter defaults to a reward of type " (empty string) with a value.Go to your Android app by selecting.To create a new placement, select your project under the.Type; double amount ount; print User rewarded with: lagoon utah discount passes " String " " type The OnAdFailedToLoad event also contains special event arguments.Continue at the bottom of the page to add your project to Unity Dashboard.OnAdClosed HandleRewardBasedVideoClosed; public void sender, EventArgs args) questRewardBasedVideo Additional resources Samples Next steps Create your own rewarded video ad unit in the AdMob.
Google currently is unable to pass the user's consent choice to such networks automatically.
Called when an ad is shown.

Public class GoogleMobileAdsDemoScript : MonoBehaviour private RewardBasedVideoAd rewardBasedVideo; public void Start #if unity_android string appId "ca-app-pub #elif unity_iphone string appId "ca-app-pub #else string appId "unexpected_platform #endif / Initialize the Google Mobile Ads SDK.We'll be approaching this from a developer's perspective, so the focus will be on the technical requirements and scripting required to integrate ads and less on the design principles of ad strategies.For additional instructions on creating an ad placement, select the tab corresponding to your preferred ad format.Automatic data collection, and how to integrate the Unity Ads SDK and adapter into an Android app.It passes an instance of HandleAdFailedToLoadEventArgs with a Message describing the error: public void HandleOnAdFailedToLoad(object sender, AdFailedToLoadEventArgs args) print Rewarded video ad failed to load: " ssage / Handle the ad failed to load event.OnAdRewarded / Called when the ad is closed.The following sample code shows how to pass consent information to the Unity Ads SDK manually.Smart Banners, automatic data collection, requirements, android SDK.0 (API level 14) or later.Optional steps EU consent and gdpr Under the Google EU User Consent Policy, you must ensure that certain disclosures are given to, and consents obtained from, users in the European Economic Area (EEA) regarding the use of device identifiers and personal data.
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Interstitial Choose Skippable Video as the type.