The gifted hands korean movie review

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Profile, movie: The Gifted Hands (English title) / Psychometry (literal title).The beginning started off great, but after that, the storyline fluctuated to extremes- there were moments where I almost fell asleep because nothing was happening, and there were also moments where I had to rewind because too many things happened too quickly.When I read the synopsis, I felt like it was my type of movie- I was expecting a movie that was action-packed, melodramatic, something that would take my breath away.His special gift though has haunted him all throughout his life.It's considered a fantasy, mystery, and thriller.Chun-dong alerts the police and all is well, with the kidnapped girl still alive and found inside the refrigerator in the murderers vet clinic.It isn't the kind of mystery that leaves you cluelessly wandering in the wrong direction, then surprising you with the conclusion.It turns out the young man named Kim Joon has a special "psychometry" ability, which allows him to read someone's past by simply touching them.Overall.0, story.0, acting/Cast.0, music.0.Hes cheered up when the nurse tells him that a guy came to visit him and that guy is his brother.It just made me feel uncomfortable and squirmy.The other detectives don't take her case seriously, but Yang Choon-Dong believes it could be a real kidnapping case.

Joon cooks up a story that hes visiting a friend on the same level as the murderer as he alerts Chun-dong with the level that the murderer is heading.Early Korean working title was "Miracle".While watching it, I already had an idea about how it was going to end, which sort of spoiled it for.Kim Beom ) with a hooded sweatshirt covering yb racing discount code his face.The ending was meh.Chun-dong breaks into the said penthouse but the murderer is already waiting for him and stabs him with a knife before digging into the wound with his own hand (ewwwwww).Chun-dong is not going to let it slide easily, plus with the real murderer still walking out there freely, and decides to kidnap Joon from the police custody.(Which is funny, considering I watched it partly for Kim Bum).
The reason hes hiding himself might be because of his mothers death in an accident due to his inherited ability.
Will the case be solved?

I didn't really expect anything else, but after the climax, it was like digging through boxes within boxes and finally, after you open the last box, you find only tissue paper.
In fact, I almost dropped it in the later few minutes.
He doesnt freeze his trash!