Team member discount card policy & procedures

But the devil is in the details, randi million dollar prize as they say.
"Many of the laws on the state level say that you have to have it in the handbook.".
Cards are issued by the Department of Human Resources."If an employer is trying to save money Cooper says, "the minimum they should do is have it reviewed by an attorney once it's put together." That review, she adds, just might help your business avoid future lawsuits involving employee behavior that is -.That may also determine how you decide to set up the employee handbook.If the supplier agrees that the charge is incorrect or the goods have not been delivered or incorrectly delivered, they must organise for a credit to be issued.Card Record Keeping, payment of Card Expenses, card Expense Queries.Upon receipt of the request, a Card Application Form will be sent to the staff member who should complete the form and forward to the Visa Card Administrator, Finance Office at North Sydney.A period close off is made on the 20th of each month for the previous month.Companies would be surprised to learn that the internet provides several places for employees to sell merchandise they purchased with their discount.For FBT entertainment, expenditure must be split between ACU staff and non-staff by completing the Entertainment screen accordingly.Identification cards are the property of the University.Under this heading, you can discuss the attendance policy, meal breaks and rest periods, and general expectations of employee conduct.Back to the Top.Lost/stolen cards should be reported to the Department of Human Resources.Transactions must be authorised by the supervisor online by logging into Flexipurchase.What to Include In an Employee Handbook: Handbook Provisions Required by Law.
"It's human nature to want a laundry list of all the acceptable things but it's human nature that you're going to forget something too.".
In order to have an effective policy manual, the employer should take the time to identify what is important to the business, both in keeping the employees informed and happy, as well as accomplishing the business objectives of the company.

The Chief Financial Officer may also set and vary the credit limit of any card.If at all possible, an attorney should be involved in preparing the handbook."You might talk about the founder to get a sense of the company history or culture Rowson says.Cooper suggests you use the following language: "This Employee Handbook supersedes and replaces all previous policies and procedures including, but not limited to, beach blue properties promo code all memoranda or written policies which may have been issued on the subjects covered in this handbook.".List the criteria for eligibility, when you can enroll in benefits, and what the critical life events are during which you can change benefits - such as a marriage or birth of a child.If your business operates in more than one state, you may have legal reasons for writing different handbooks for employees in each state.Introduction, responsibility, obtaining a Card, use of the Card, lost or Stolen Cards.Where a cardholder is required to undertake international travel, the limit will be 10,000.You may also want to address sick leave, family medical leave, and other types of leave, such as military spousal leave.Here is a guideline for what sections you may want to include in an employee handbook:.Many state labor departments also have listings on their websites for employers about laws they must abide by when doing business in the state and these can be helpful in determining what to include in an employee handbook.

"Once it is signed, it needs to go in the employee's personnel file.".