Sioux empire fair discount wristbands

Nb: the British Army commonly used the term "Barracks Hut" to online bingo win real cash refer to temporary billets for military personnel as long ago as the 1800s; it's alleged that this older British usage may have influenced current American usage throughout this Mid-East region biathlon : an athletic.
Body politic : see THE chattering class, peanut gallery, grassroots, third estate.
Benson silk : codename for clandestine introduction of counterfeit NVN money into enemy territory; said funds were accountable, and were signed-out prior to each mission.(history forthcoming maroon beret See border defense ranger, striker, mike force, cidg, RF/PF, lrrp, lrsp, recondo, ranger, airborne, airborne ranger, special operations, counterpart.Also, to advance, forward, or pass, as to "buck it along" or to "buck it up the line see buck slip.And, if the cadre of experience has been purged by reductions in force (RIF then it is probable that neither weapons nor people will be able to solve the problem.Also, an exotic sex act; see fuck, churning butter, singapore grip, HAT trick, daisy chain, around THE world, sandwich, trick, DU, steam 'n' cream, hookup, hell ON wheels, ACT OF congress.SFers and rangers know that "if it weren't for the honor of the thing." the beret is one of the world's worst forms of headgear.Also, anything difficult or unpleasant; compare bastard, sons OF bitche.For it was made to make men glad." Ecclesiasticus 31:27; "Under the pressure of the cares and sorrows of our mortal condition, men have at all times, and in all countries, called in some physical aid to their moral consolations wine, beer, opium, brandy,.Bearing : a horizontal direction, expressed in degrees, east or west of the true or magnetic north (or south) direction; see azimuth, pelorus, compass, heading, omnirange.V: consanguinity brother IN arms : see BRO, blood brother, comrade, shipmate, messmate, camaraderie, asshole buddy, band OF brothers, buddy system, trade envelopes, little brown brother.See dutch lunch, sandwich, rice ball, horse cock, jerky, rations.Also, the seepage collected in this space; also marine gift shop camp foster called "bilge water".Nb: to "lose the bubble" is to be disoriented, or so far out of control that the submarine is in jeopardy; see pitch, YAW, roll, attitude adjustment bubble-TOP : nickname of the Bell OH-13 sioux observation helicopter, a scoutship that's starkly configured; also called "bubble".
And by extension, those credits for advancement earned by ticket-punchers and milicrats; see fast track, deep DIP, vulcanize, UP OR OUT.

Blunt force : to render a swift and savage conclusion; compare brute force.See sere; compare blow-OUT KIT, GO-BAG, KIT.Chinese catenary or suspension-archbridges of rope, bamboo, and iron chain have been known to exist from AD20.Also, any statement or act that is precisely to the point, or directly achieves the desired result.Bone : common nickname for the Rockwell/Boeing B-1 lancer bomber aircraft; see lrca, bird.V: beseem; cf: nicety nb: until recently, an officer was simultaneously designated a "gentleman" when appointed by an ACT OF congress, which not only inspired further intellectual development but also encouraged cultural sophistication, which refinements were mocked as being 'suave and debonair' (deliberately mispronounced.Mencken philistine nb: the word "robot" was coined by Karel Capek, the Czech playwright, in his 1920 "R.U.R!
Such a castigating slap is also used during the interrogation of a prisoner, and does not constitute torture when so done.

American advisors have sometimes been shocked when witnessing such insulting slaps administered to foreign troops by their own officers and NCOs where such bashing was still permitted (eg: Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan, etc the warder or baton (swagger stick) is sometimes used instead of the.
Boom-boom : slang for short-time sex with a prostitute, typically cost about 500 Piasters or 3; see churning butter, fuck, chocolate bunny, butterfly, horizontal collaborator, diddly, trick, DU, steam 'n' cream, hookup, lbfm, lulu THE zulu, hell ON wheels, ACT OF congress.
Nb: "Field body count math: two armed guerrillas plus three blood trails plus two dead chickens and a pig equals a promotion for the commander!" v: Myths of the Vietnam War bodyguard : a person or group of persons who protect an individual against bodily.