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Q: Where did you learn to sew?
And that is his only connection to Arizona.Also, since the upper most layers will dry out the fastest, in the future we want to rig up a time controlled spray irrigation line from the very top of our garden pyramid planter.If you dont have enough room to plant this year try going vertical.Materials Needed For Garden Tower (with prices 1 4 X 4 X 6 Cedar Wood (for main center post) / Price.00 11 1 X 4 X 8 Cedar Wood (for structure) / Price 100.00 1 3 X 3 Plywood (for base) / Price.00.Its perfect for everything Ive ever needed it.Q: What kind of sewing machine/serger do you have?And then I copied and pasted the html codes from all my buttons.Took a long time but we were progressing upward with our soil tiers.Our DIY Vertical Garden Pyramid Tower completed with Strawberries and Lettuce.Ive also ordered online from.Our wood has been cut and we have secured our main base structure together with screws and wood glue.This is a great.The very top of our garden planter is where we will be adding an automatic irrigation system.Q: How did you make your new header?
After the glue was dry we mounted the structure to the base with our wheels.
This is an older question from when my header looked like this: Disclaimer: The only photo editing software I have is little old free Picasa.

We were thinking of using a large PVC pipe with small dripping holes to water our strawberries.Hydrofarm germination station to jump start your seeds!DIY Garden Project but because of the compound angles that need to be cut, it requires a compound miter saw which does take some skill to use correctly.DIY Garden Tower Planter ( strawberry planter ) will give you the extra gardening and planting space you need.Gravel / Price.00, dirt / Price.00, total cost 219.00.I picked the "Grid" option and then changed the aspect ratio to 4 X 1 (because I had 4 pictures and I wanted them in one row).Then, I selected all 4 pictures and clicked on the "Collage" button.Next youll need to log in to Blogger and go to the "Layout" tab.Once the main structure was attached we put the wheels on the base.There is a book with these building plans and 17 more awesome DIY garden projects perfect for your new garden this year that can be found here.
Our first load of dirt is in place in our bottom garden tier.
Our 2X2 cedar pieces for the top of our garden planter after we glued them.

I missed it the first time, hence the 3 page wide header that some of you encountered.