Powder for 308 win

As such, I decided it best to use the same charge weights as the 180gr load.
This is a huge problem if youre using TB, as it should not be compressed at all.
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Up to this day, it has remained as one of our best-selling powder types of all times.We tested several charges on a 300 meter indoor range, using a high quality yet standard case, primer and 105 grs Scenar-L bullet.For updates on reloading how to win a child support case data etc., check out our N140 powder page!N140 is not the choice if you try to reach highest muzzle velocity possible, but it is certainly the choice if you try to get best possible accuracy.The 180gr/12gr loads shot about 1 MOA at 100 yards and showed no signs of keyholes or tumbling.Accurate 2520 Powder Powder Start Load motivating gifted students Grains Start Load pc world apple student discount Velocity Fps.Trail Boss (TB) was originally designed to work in cowboy action cartridges like.38 Special and.45 Colt.As a result, I have found that a velocity of 1050fps at the muzzle is a nearly optimum speed for any condition range.6mm Br Norma.243 wssm.243 Win.2,177 1,894 -.3 400 yds.40.7 2,445.2 2,683 58,200 Ballistic Test Barrel Length 24".
2,072 1,192 -.7 For the deer, elk or moose hunter hand-loading or reloading his or her own 308 Winchester ammunition, 150 grain bullets will work fine.
Subsonic Handloads.308 Win Testing Results.

1,.6 308 Winchester Load Data: Winchester Cartridge Case Case Trimmed Length.005".Im using the.308 in a bolt gun because it allows more linear testing without the variable of cycling pressure and gas bleed-off.I originally wanted to start with 13gr of TB, but I heard crunching when I seated the bullets to mag length.2,014 1,621 -.0 500 yds.2,158 1,550 -.9 500 yds.Only use published reloading data where this is taken into consideration when reloading.62 nato cartridge cases.B.C.308" SST 150.226.415 Cartridge Overall Length.735".2,355 1,847 -.8 400 yds.1,970 1,293 -.6 308 Winchester Load Data: Winchester Cartridge Case Case Trimmed Length.005".
A last suggestion for subsonic loads: dont just start the loads high, make sure you take aim high.