Perfume as gift meaning

perfume as gift meaning

It is a smoky rose, backed by a clear, strong jasmine and a powdery, earthy iris.
She went on to become one of the great noses and created a lot of Bvlgaris Jasmin Noir'.
All that in a perfume bottle.Enough with the philosophy.And some powerful flowers are even shamelessly in the top like gardenia.The girls my age reeked of lily-of-the-valley and cheap artificial vanilla and equally artificial and sweet fruits.Great sillage, excellent longvity, perfectly mixed, balanced out masterfully 'to a T'.At my farmer's market there is a family that sells whole, cored pineapples, they core them on the spot, and the air around their booth smells of ripe juicy pineapple.So, is it boring?
This is a beautiful composition, full of surprises and feints, redundancy and reiteration, all coming together to make a perfume that is more than the sum of it's many parts.

A little muskier than the perfume, it wears close to the skin and is unabashedly sexy.I can feel the 'frissons' and magic of the first stolen French kiss shortly after discovering Organza, the first sight of a women's bewitching curves, the first effleurage of a womans bosom, the first whispered sweet nothings by a girl in your ear, the first.'Organza' is the feeling of 'Happy Days' and emotional bliss and knowing that some sweet dreams will come true, one day.This rose is darker and more velvety than the subtle pink rose that opened.Here comes the peach again, this time backed by apricot, this time floating in a thick vanilla liqueur.On me, I get a little amaretto from cookies in a jar christmas gift the apricot, which blends with the amber to give a boozy, sweet warmth that makes it very cozy.