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The maximum that can be won on the BGT betting terminals by any one customer in any one day will be 100,000.
Where two meetings are held at the same track on one day, the particular meeting for which the bet is intended must be clearly shown.
Score at Anytime: A score at anytime bet is successful if the selected player scores one or more goals in a match. .
Returns from bets on other horses in the event will be subject to deductions on the Rule 4(c) scale, depending on the price of the withdrawn horse or horses at the time of withdrawal.However, if there is more than one bet involved and it is clear to which bet the overstaking applies, then that bet only will be apportioned.There are three dividends declared; 1st 2nd, 1st 3rd and 2nd 3rd.The Place 6 will normally consist of the first six races at a specified meeting.Should a match be abandoned before 90 minutes playing time has elapsed and no goals have been scored all anytime goalscorer bets will be void. .Frame betting: All bets will be void if the required number of frames to win is not completed, or the scheduled number of total frames is not completed (i.e.Bets are settled on whether there will be more or less than the stated total goals scored.Throughout these Terms and Conditions any reference to the Company, we or us shall be to Megabet UK Ltd and customers of the Company are referred to as Customer or you.1.23.15 First Goalscorer Wincasts - combined first goalscorer result in 90 minutes Special prices to select the result in 90 minutes and the first goalscorer are available world market hostess gifts for selected matches.1.23 football rules Our current General Betting Rules will apply to all circumstances not covered by the following rules and in addition, any instructions printed on the coupon or by way of a notice displayed in our offices are to be read as being part.

The Back Office PC communicates with the central server and holds all transaction details for the gaming machines. .Top tournament goalscorer and team to win Where there is a special price for a tournament top goalscorer and team to win the tournament then dead heat rules will apply where the top tournament goalscorer results in a dead heat.If a bet is accepted on an international race in error and the result cannot be verified, that bet will be void.Such a bet is void.Heads or Tails: Heads or Tails bets can be placed on any of the Rapido draws shown live in our shops.If a player fails to start a tournament or match, all bets on that player or individual match, will be void.Place only bets are accepted at Pari-Mutuel returns. .
Where Non-runner no bet rules apply winning bets may be subject to the equivalent of a Rule 4 deduction based on the price of the selection(s) withdrawn.
1.20.1 Fixed Odds Distance Betting A fixed odds bet is available at selected Horse Race meetings based on predicting the correct total of the winning distances for all races at that meeting, Excluding charity races and Arab races.