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In response to this accusation, Baby Merlin responded to the Amazon review with this comment: We are not aware of any studies being conducted on the Magic Sleepsuit.
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In our opinion, the thick fabric and construction of the Magic Sleepsuit can prevent or delay this from happeningand babies cant tell their parents they need more freedom.Yet a babys newfound skill of rolling over and moving around at night (and during naps) is part of growing upand an important milestone for babys development.My point was that when awake, babies should be engaging in developmentally appropriate activities to promote their motor development.This sleep suit saved us, said one mom.If you continue, there is a risk to your baby of flat head syndrome.The manufacturer of the Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit claims that babies can be restricted at night, yet gain gross motor skills during the day.While the thick padding is supposed to comfort baby and help with sleep, an obvious risk is overheating.Awake during the day but mummified at night?After advising parents on what to wear under the Magic Sleepsuit, the company says rather starkly: It is up to the parent or caregiver to monitor the baby in the suit and determine an appropriate room temperature. .We stress to customers the importance of proper fit and encourage them to send us photos if they have any questions about fit so we can give them sizing input.8) We are adding a notation to our hang tags on our Magic Sleepsuit order currently in production stating the Magic Sleepsuit should be used in a room at the recommended temperature for babies.
(And, of course, many smaller babies can fit in nine month old clothing long after that age).

We asked the Baby Merlin company about whether theyve received complaints about developmental delays or flat-head syndrome.After all, they just spent nine months in a tight, snug place.In our opinion, not putting your baby in a thickly padded sleep garment to begin with would be the best way to avoid overheating!Ari Brown points out that most babies older than two or three months no longer startle themselves awake.The Baby Merlin is part of a wave of new sleep products marketed to parents as part of that age old dilemma: how to get baby to go to sleep?Thats what one parent accused the product of doing in a recent product review posted to Amazon: In case you cant read that review, here is the text: This is being studied for potential delay of motor skills.4) The fabric thickness provides babies with a comforting, secure feeling like a wearable blanket and does allow movement.Heading in your article is a misrepresentation of the Magic Sleepsuit.We have reached out to the parent who posted that review to Amazon to gather more information about her story.The Magic Sleepsuit is recommended for a specific developmental window when babies should be back sleeping from the swaddle transition until they are ready for more freedom of movement in their sleep.
Does the Baby Merlins Magic Sleepsuit cause developmental delays?
Therapy can take four months of doctor and therapist visits.

We purchased a Baby Merlins Magic Sleepsuit at full retail price from Amazon in order to evaluate the product in person.
The AAP does recommend using wearable blankets to prevent any loose bedding in the crib.
In our reading of this response, it appears the company is blaming the extended use of the Magic Sleepsuit for the possible delays, since the user said her baby is 12 months old.