How to give 20 percent discount

We will learn how to calculate discount and discount percent on marked price.
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Hope this helps steve b 1 decade ago 0, thumbs up 1, thumbs down, comment.Profit And Loss To find Profit or Loss when Cost Price and Selling Price are Given To find Selling Price when Cost Price and Profit or Loss are Given To find Cost Price when Selling Price and Profit or Loss are Given Examples on Profit.Did this summary help you?Go to Promotions shopping cart price rules, Under conditions use as below image.Find the sale-price of the article.And, discount 20 of 9000 20/, selling Price Marked Price - Discount, therefore, the selling price of the car is 7200.Find the discount and discount percent.An article is marked at 6000 and is available at a discount.

Suppose, while purchasing different articles from the market, we must have seen that most of the articles have their prices printed on them or their prices are written on the labels attached to them.Next, multiply the original price by the decimal either by hand or by using a calculator.A dealer marks purple parking heathrow discount code a car for 9000 but agrees to give a discount.This discount or rebate means a reduction in the price which is always calculated on the marked price of the article.Now in order to clear surplus stock or to increase the sales of different articles, the shopkeepers at different occasions announce some discount sale,.e., they reduce the price of their articles by certain rate percent.Then, subtract the discount amount from the original price to figure out the discounted price.
Dates limit within that period only this discount will apply, otherwise leave this as blank.
Under Actions, under, general information Select Websites, customer Groups, you can set coupon codes if you want or give, no coupon, you can set.

Solution: Marked price (M.P.) of the article 6000.