Find amazon gift card balance

Another example of a popular game that you can buy on Amazon and redeem on Steam.
I know for a fact this works because I dsc prize 2016 just did it with my friends gift card and had to do it twice because of the size if her balance and it was in my gift card balance immediately.
Gift Card balances associated with an, amazon.in account may not be transferred to another, amazon.in account.You can find out the balance in the store.Read the information shared about this process and click or tap.Amazon Pay Balance into Another Amazon Account.Also, you have to pay extra for the shipping of the Steam Gift Card.
Choose a bank account.

Games and Software Library on Amazon and get the product code.So you have to Buy Amazon Gift Card using Other Amazon Account and then you can add those Gift Cards in One Amazon Account.Hope this helps and yes its a process but it works.Transfer amazon gift card balance between accounts yours.When in the "Review Purchase" step during checkout click "My Steam Wallet" as a payment method, so that you do not pay using your credit card or another payment method that you have associated with your account.Benefits Of This Method : You Can, transfer.The next page wants you to fill in the Amazon email of the person you wish to gift.Now Pay Via Amazon Pay Balance At Payment Page By Login To Your Account.You can buy and download a game in minutes, and your only limitation is the speed of your internet connection.

So Below is the trick to transfer Amazon Pay balance from one Amazon Account to another How to transfer Amazon Pay balance from one Amazon Account to another First Visit Komparify Login For Your Account.
Also, you can use your Amazon Gift Card balance to buy ANY game from Steam, which is awesome.