Ecuador wedding gift traditions

ecuador wedding gift traditions

I greeted everybody and sat around to observe the wedding preparations.
It was surprisingly tasty.
The older sister, Lidia, 20 years old, had been living with her fiancé.They can be quite tactile and tend to stand much closer to each other when speaking than in many other cultures.The host makes the first toast.Even fruit is eaten with a knife and fork.The Ecuadorian Communication Style Ecuadorians are known for being warm and polite.Guests are served first.Thus dressed and oiled, I was ready.Business Meetings As a visitor you may get by without speaking Spanish as senior personnel are usually fluent in English.A cascade of yells and shouts in Quechua was pouring out of the godmothers mouths, adding a dizzying soundtrack to the whole scene.All we gift for someone going into military had to do was turn upand thank goodness, we had just managed that bit!They were also joined.Gazing outside the window at the big city lights I accepted the invitation somewhat amused and immediately made travel arrangements to attend my first Quechua wedding in the Ecuadorian rainforest.

Dining Etiquette Never arrive on time when invited to a home.She locked it between my wisdom teeth with a naughty smile, sending all the chicha directly into my stomach.Brides married in Colombia have long white wedding dress.A bouquet of roses is always well received.Dont discuss business at social events unless prompted.I complied slurping the liquid to the last drop and my stomach extended close to its bursting limit.At the end of the bus line, Alex and his younger sister Lilia were waiting for.Nothing else moved in the scorching heat.Just before the cake is cut and served there is a little tradition organized.We rushed around and tidied up Peggy our van, we grabbed a shower in the office and packed a bag and we were wedding ready when David came to collect us and we headed for the apartment to get ready for our 20th big day!

South America is a continent with predominantly Christian population.
Peruvians believe that the one who pulls out the ribbon with the ring is going to marry within a year.