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User:Wik 's correction of a misspelling of hypochondriacs was re-reverted no less than 3 times.
This terribly important convention was the subject of several reports at WP:ANI, multiple page protections 127, rampant sockpuppetry 128, 129, multiple 3RR blocks over several months, and several dozen reversions of a page within a few hours 130.
Is this the last word on the matter?A three hour, 25-edit war followed over whether or not the talk page should include such inflammatory messages as test and welcome bulk nutrients coupon code 2018 notices.Is it a bad thing to use the "minor" button to "conceal" changes?Is it Ancient or Ori rendered as Latin?In order to rectify further edits, a neutral "male" demographic was included, but even this still continued to be changed, and reverted virtual visa reward on a regular basis.Users and anons constantly reverted each others' edits over the position of the character.An edit war was not totally resolved when the article was renamed from the three-dot version to the four-dot version.This led to an edit war about whether a 40-year-old, incomplete, public domain list was better than something made up by some Wikipedian, or whether we should assume that the copyright claim, which no one has ever seen, doesn't exist and bring back the FCC.This is absolutely not the place for harping over someone's discount drain service london ontario past editing.That thread is now closed, as an elaborate joke that got out of hand.The discussion was one of the most epic and passionate ever to take place at RFD, with almost 200 users participating; and that's despite being closed early.

Boxxy After 8 deletions and 5 restores, image drama, a deletion review, and an AfD, the important questions regarding this hyperactive 16-year old on were faced.Until a naming convention change, Straight Outta Lynwood may be SOL (or SoL).Dennoch haben wir uns für eine Neuentwicklung entschieden, da die jüngsten Innovationen im Bereich der numerischen Strömungssimulation weitere entscheidende Verbesserungen der Flugleistungen ermöglichen.However, the edit-war did not concern the content of the article.LEW in LEW!) It's only a matter of time before some conspiracy-obsessed FBI agent suspects him of actually being an intergalactic police officer.No, a further edit war, as lame as it was slow, continued, with each side fiercely picking a new picture for the page and defending it to the death!The Arbitration Committee even finds it necessary to enact a temporary injunction.
Yes, the only difference is the comma, a comma which generated a heated debate on the talk page over whether the school wished to identify itself with the punctuation mark.