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Turf Club, Chicago Coin, 1974, two players, shot ball to advance horses around track, 8-track tape player mercedes sweepstakes 2017 sound.
Football Game, Chester-Pollard Amusement Company (NYC 1/26, manikin football game, very large oak cabinet.
In the 1930 to 1950s, International Mutoscope, Doraldina Company, Genco, Mike munves and others had fortune tellers but they lost their voice.
Moon Raider, Bally, 7/59.Pee Wee "36 Lucky Play 4-in-1", maker unknown, 1930s (exact date unknown a payout dice machine.Night Rider, Sega, 8/70 Pass, Taito, 1970s (exact date unknown).Dancing Fools, probably 1950s, maker unknown, two black puppets dance much like Williams' Peppy the Clown.Shoot a pinball off a metal rack, and it drops onto a pinball playfield.Champ, International Mutoscope, 9/55, KO Champ is a manikin boxing game under a dome.SharpShooter, Bally, 1/61, Sharp Shooter shoots real 11/16" plastic balls using a vacuum/compressor system, nearly the same game as the Midway Shooting Gallery (9/60) and Deluxe Shooting Gallery (3/61 and the later Bally Marksman (5/61).Target Zero, Bally, 12/70.
Defender, Bally, 6/40, a light ray style gun game.
Auto-Driver, Dale, 1950s (exact date unknown).

Killer Shark, Sega, 1972, shark moves around and the player shoots it with a spear gun.Flying Carpet, Midway, 4/70, game #542, gun game with an India theme, 8-track tape player sound only.Gun Smoke, cruisingexcursions com promo code Kasco, circa 1976.Spin Out, Allied Leisure, 11/71, Spin-Out uses a projection unit.Air Fighter, Kasco, 1970.Arcade video games started to come out about the holding company voucher code 1976, and none of these are covered here.Chicago Coin also made an identical game called Auto Race that was a car theme.Also parts are readily since they are basically the same as pinball parts.

Helicopter Trainer, Amusement Engineering, 1968, helicopter flying game, similar to Midway's Whirly Bird (1969) and Sega's Helicopter (1968).
Also sold as "Peeping Tom Headquarters" and "Life in a Brownstone Mansion".
Commando Machine Gun, Chicago Coin, 1973, electronic sound.