Check my menards rebate status

check my menards rebate status

You dont even have to use a pre-padded envelope you could stick a piece of bubble wrap or foam padding inside to get the thickness correct, as the thickness is what makes it qualify as a trackable parcel.
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You will need these to file a claim if your Menards rebate is lost.Today, 3/21, my Menards rebate check finally arrived.Ive been a fan of Menards rebates for many years I honestly cant remember which year I began creation entertainment discount codes 2017 doing these, but who doesnt love things that are completely free after rebate?Between November and December, I racked up more than 200 in Menards rebate items everything from motor oil to Christmas gift bags to laundry plowhearth com coupon code detergent, air compressor accessories, tool pouches, paint brushes, kitchen towels, and Ball canning jars.I also mail my Menards rebates at the post office versus leaving them in my mailbox a little precaution that I somehow believed would help my rebate from getting lost in the mail.Each week, I fill out my Menards rebate forms and put them in an envelope.Track Your Rebate, enter Your Information, tracking your rebate online is as simple as typing in your tracking number or entering your name and zip code.All three fields are mandatory and must match the information on your rebate submission.Any piece of mail over half an inch thick is considered a parcel, and parcels sent first-class come with free tracking.Ive never had to use these backup copies until now.On 3/13, I received a reply that my rebates would be processed based on the information Id sent!

Whenever a Menards rebate check arrives, I toss it in my wallet and use it to buy even more bargains and free-after rebate items.On 2/9/17, I contacted Menards via the customer service link at m to let them know that I was missing rebates from November and December.Menards site says to wait eight weeks before inquiring about a past rebate.Im also keeping a manila envelope with my postal supplies specifically for storing my Menards rebate receipts until each rebate has arrived.Id mail them in, and a few weeks (and sometimes, months) later, a rebate check postcard would arrive in my mailbox.Copyright by Parago, Inc.If you wish to do the same, I can share that a 6 x 8 bubble envelope costs.67 for postage with tracking. .Enter Tracking Number: (This was e-mailed to you) - OR, if you don't know your tracking number, you can track by using your name.While some of my readers have commented that theyve occasionally had Menards rebates go missing in the mail, I never had an issue with this until recently.Track By Company Name * Required information *Company Name: *Zip Code: E-mail Address: Phone Number: (Example: nOTE: E-mail and phone number will refine your search.Track By Name * Required information *First Name: *Last Name: *Zip Code: E-mail Address: Phone Number: (Example: nOTE: E-mail and phone number will refine your search.
Its cheaper to send these in a padded envelope with tracking than it is to send them via Priority Mail (which.65.).