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ISO range.2, 2360K tilt Touch LCD including menus.
Simply nothing else out there covers this huge focal range in such a lightweight package, with vibration reduction to boot.
If youre a Canon or Sony shooter and have found yourself on the wrong side of the fence, check out these best Canon lenses and best Sony lenses articles!Its the quality of the bokeh that differs, but christmas gifts for stepmom thats only for pixel peepers your clients will never notice.While were talking about aperture, getting a high-quality, fast f/1.8 prime Nikon lens at this price point really is unique.Whilst it can be used on a DX camera with stellar results, the zoom range would be converted to 36-105mm which is rather unusual.Im recommending two different Nikon 85mm prime lenses in the same post.If youre looking to invest in some affordable (or backup) wedding photography gear, these impressive lenses are perfect.In-camera HDR removes the challenges of shooting in tricky, high-contrast situations, merging three exposures into one that captures more detail in both the shadow and highlight areas.At around 480 ( click here for the latest price you simply cant get a better Nikon portrait lens.Best Nikon Lens for Architecture Photography Architecture photography requires lines to be straight and not converging (buildings with 90 degree sides).(200 g) Price: Click here for the latest price Nikon 35mm f/1.8G DX Review Heres another very nostalgic Nikon lens for me, it being the first lens I ever bought.Having a heavy lens will tire you out much faster than having a heavy body, which is why I never recommend zooms for lightweight mirrorless cameras.At only 350g, the Nikon 85mm f/1.8G makes a great pairing on both an FX or a DX body.Even though Id bought the cheapest Nikon dSLR at the time, by pairing it with one of the best Nikon DX lenses, I was producing images similar to a much more expensive camera.

AF cant be used on any of the cheapest Nikon DX dSLRs.Those whove recently upgraded to a Nikon dSLR from a smaller compact camera are sometimes a bit anxious about the weight of their new camera.However, the Nikon 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR DX II is a massive 25 smaller and lighter than its predecessors, and even manages to squeeze in vibration reduction.Ill make this section short and sweet just click through the links if youd like to read real user reviews of the different lenses.(0.85m) Filter Size: 77mm Dimensions (Diameter x Length.4.(73 mm) Weight:.4.Filter Size: 52mm, dimensions:.5.(84 mm) Weight:.0.Ive owned the Nikon 85mm f/1.4G for several years now for my wedding photography work.Alternatively, users can select different focus areas over 80 per cent of the frame simply by tapping the touch-screen, even when recording ensuring that movies stay sharp and clear if a subject moves or the user changes the composition of a shot.New Focus Peaking manual focus mode in video.
With Nikons 100th anniversary this year, I thought it fitting to write a post on what I consider to be the best Nikon lenses.
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Being able to blur the background in this way is an extremely useful trick, especially when youre caught in a situation where something behind the subject is distracting.
Whilst I only use it for about 30 of the day (ceremony speeches Im always so thankful I have it in my camera bag.
Geared towards the shooter that is just as handy with the moving image as the still, the Nikon D850 features stunning 4K UHD resolution video, which can also be reduced to Full HD to take advantage of faster frame rates.