Best prepper gifts 2017

The Gerber StrongArm for when you need a little bit more from your survival knife.
FireHawk Tactical Flashlight, i listed Skilled Survivals FireHawk Tactical Flashlight first because I honestly believe everyone should own at least one.
With a lifetime warrantee and 12 functions, this is the only tool youll need in any situation.
If you enjoyed this article, please click the link to vote for my site at Top Prepper Websites!This would make for a great gift not only for the true modern survivalist but for anyone concerned about their privacy.This is a survival gift that shows you care.There are a lot of natural nuclear shelters in the US that are absolutely free.Dont forget the extra arrows.
But you should also stash one in your vehicle and survival bag.
This can also be useful as barter in a pinch.

Click here to see the Closest Natural Nuclear Bunker to Your Home?They are unique, they are interesting, they are creative, they say you care, and they are awesome.The Tesla lighter is made of zinc alloy ( not plastic ).(And will even recharge your phone!) My sister is one of those who rolls her eyes when it comes to prepping.Further, this blanket is water-repellant, which means it will keep preppers dry and comfortable when needed.So how about using the heat from that fire to charge your cell amazon staff discount uk phone, smartphone, GPS device, or computer?Thats why this portable, lightweight, Luci emrg Solar Lantern is a perfect survival gift ( plus, great for those who enjoy camping or backpacking ).Instead, give your loved ones and friends the worlds smallest and most powerful vehicle jump starter.Clearly, to someone who is already a prepper, these gifts would be a wonderful addition to their inventory.
In a power outage situation with no TV or internet, these are a great backup to your cell phone.

You can also pick any color you like.