Aromatherapy gift box

aromatherapy gift box

Moods Aromatherapy Gift Box: a selection of inpaint coupon code hand and body washes to suit every mood.
Made in United States, elegant Silver Sleep Mask Gift Box.Disclaimer; These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. .The use of the French lavender herb sachet is optional and if you want to use the mask to help block light and get you to sleep discount coupon for bonanza you can do just that, simply do not place the herb sachet in the pocket. .Outside harry potter gift set amazon of Sleep Mask.This silver foil pillow box is finished with a silk gold colored bow.The soothing fragrance lulls you into a deep sleep.What could be better than delighting your loved one with this perfectly presented package and giving them a way to get some amazing quality sleep that leaves them refreshed and invigorated the next day?

Solitude Sleep Mask Features 100 light blocking for refreshing revitalizing sleep.Relaxing, balancing, uplifting and invigorating.Also suitable for use in the bath.Sleep Mask Head Strap, adjustable Velcro elastic strap for a secure and comfortable fit.Gently tap the bottom of the bottle until a drop appears. .Ladies Balancing Bath Body Care Gift Box: balance body, mind and emotions with this selection of bath and body products fragranced with the beautiful floral scent of rose geranium and lavender pure essential oils.We suggest choosing a color that you feel comfortable wearing.The mask is soft, 100 light blocking and with adjustable velcro strap.Imagine the delight on that special person's face when they receive an exquisitely wrapped gift from you.Just insert a fresh Lavender Herb Sachet at anytime, and breathe in the calming effects of these natural herbs and fall into a beautiful deep sleep.The aroma and your bodies absorption of the essentials oil mix is designed to relax you and help you fall into a deep sleep.

This way you can still get this amazing sleep mask and use it as a standard one.
Simply dab a small amount on your temples, behind your ears and one spot on the back of your neck and let the essential oils do their magic. .
There is something to suit everyone in our aromatherapy gift selection.