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Niederhausbergen aaeo - Affirmative Action Equal Opportunity aaep - American Association of Equine Practitoners aaeq - Anthropology and Education Quarterly aaer - Association for the Advancement of Educational Research aaes - Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station aaet - Astrological Association of East Tennessee aaeu - Arab.Ajkq - Association of Japanese Karate of Quebec ajku - ALL japan karate union ajkv - A James Kent Volume ajla - Association of Junior Leagues of America ajlb - Anarcho Jazz Lobby Band ajlc - Adam Joseph Lewis Center ajld - All Japan Laundry.Aype - Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition aypf - American Youth brick house florist and gifts staunton il Policy Forum aypi - And Your Point Is?Ansr - answerthink consulting GR anss - Advanced National Seismic System anst - ansoft corp ansu - associazione nazionale studio ufo ansv - Autoritatea Nationala Sanitar Veterinara answ - Antimony from New South Wales ansx - Ansco Investment Company anta - Australian Natural Therapists Association.Fairfax New Zealand apoa - Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association apob - and Planners of Boulder apoc - Alaska Public Offices Commission apod - Astronomy Picture of the Day apoe - Alzheimer's Disease risk.Aodo - and Other Drug Office aodp - AN operating department practitioner aodr - Australian Organ Donor Register aods - Alcohol and Other Drug Studies aodt - Advanced Objective Dvorak Technique aodu - Aviation Ordnance Development Unit aodv - Ad-hoc On-demand Distance Vector aodw.Aovk - Als Odde Vandski Klub aovl - Amsterdams Octrooibureau Visser Luirink aovm - Angiographically occult vascular malformations aovp - All Occasions Video Production aovr - audit ON-site verification report aovt - Average optimal vector transform aovw - Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

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Auot - Aristotle University Of Thessalo auow - Application units of work aupa - Annamalai University Pharmacy Association aupb - Avoid using preview button aupc - Australia Universities Procurement Consortium aupd - Andhra University Pharmacy Department aupe - Alberta Union of Provincial Employees aupf.